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Abstress project


Anglian Pea Growers


Aylsham Growers


Beans 4 Feeds


Bishops Farm


British Beet Research Organisation


British Edible Pulse Association (BEPA)


British Growers


British Society of Plant Breeders


Bruce Farms


Crites Seeds Inc


Dalton Seeds


David Trethewey Seeds


Elsoms Seeds Limited

EuroLegume project


Fen Peas


Green Pea


The Horticultural Development Company


The James Hutton Institute


HMC Peas


The International Pulses Trade and Industries Confederation

International Legume Society

International Year of Pulses


LEGumes for the Agriculture of Tomorrow (LEGATO Project)


Legume Futures


Limagrain UK Ltd


LS Plant Breeding

Lupins in UK Agriculture and Aquaculture (LUKAA Project)


Maribo Seeds A/S


Monsanto vegetable seeds


The New Zealand Institute for plant and food research Ltd


Nunhems Netherlands




Pulse Australia

Pulse Canada

Pureline Seeds Inc


Scottish Borders Produce




Soya UK




van Waveren Saaten GmbH


The Vegetable Agronomists Association
Vegetable Agronomists Association


Vilmorin SA


WA Church (Bures) Ltd


Wherry and Sons


Yes Peas


Yorkshire Peas


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