The Optibean Agronomy Tool

PGRO output - A spreadsheet based collection of Economic and Agronomic worksheets to aid the production of UK produced field beans.

The Optibean Agronomy Tool

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About Optibean

“OPTIBEAN”, a 4 year project which concluded in 2015 was part funded by Innovate UK to optimise faba bean breeding production and usage. Project Reference TSB 101082- “Improving the Availability of UK sourced Protein Feed through New Faba Bean Varieties, Production and Utilisation Systems”.

General Aims

optibean general aims

The Optibean project consisted of 3 work packages. PGRO lead work package 2

work package 1Work Package 1 Objectives: Wherry & NIAB-TAG

  • Breeding for yield stability & quality
  • Genetics behind pod set stability

work package 2Work Package 2 Objectives: PGRO, NIAB-TAG

  • Sowing date & population studies
  • Fungicide & aphicide timing studies
  • Soil SNS studies
  • Inter row weeding studies (NIAB-TAG)
  • Produce web-based agronomy tool

work package 3Work Package 3 Objectives: Waitrose Producer Groups

  • Feeding studies – Salmon, Pigs, Turkeys, broiler and layer chickens, Pekin Ducks
  • LCA (North Energy)

Optibean consortium partners:

PGRO Optibean consortium partners

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