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agronomyPGRO is one of the few independent, applied research organisations easily accessible to its levy payers and merchant members, providing sound, up to date advice on all aspects of growing and processing pulse and vegetable legume crops.

The voluntary levy contribution funds a substantial amount of near market research, including the Recommended List, crop protection and general agronomy trials. It also funds and delivers numerous knowledge transfer events and publications for the benefit of levy payers every year.

PGRO also provides a plant clinic and seed laboratory where samples of seed or plants affected by pests, diseases, disorders or other problems can be sent for diagnosis and quality assessment. Wherever necessary PGRO staff will carry out investigations in the field.

In addition to the Agronomy Guide, PGRO publishes three issues of the Pulse Magazine and the Vegetable Magazine and Crop Updates are produced at frequent intervals during the growing season.

A comprehensive catalogue of Technical Updates is maintained providing information about pest, disease, disorders, weed control and additional ancillary services. PGRO also provides education and training courses and runs grower/ agronomist meetings around the UK. PGRO Members will be notified of our courses and meetings via our regular newsletter service and they will also be displayed on our Diary Events page.

Pest and Disease monitoring and forecasting systems are available to members, including a pea moth spray forecasting system and a risk prediction scheme for downy mildew in spring beans and BruchidCast. These are based on weather factors and data from in-season crop monitoring.

PGRO has a long history of variety evaluations including:

vp trialCombinable crops
Combining peas, Field beans, Lupins, Navy beans, Mustard, Chick peas and lentils.

Our primary focus is combining peas and field beans and through pulse levy funding PGRO Recommended Lists are produced annually.

Vegetable Legumes
Vining pea, Green beans, Broad beans

demo plotsPGRO conducts the only independent trialling of vining peas and green beans in the UK. Trials are funded by seedsmen, but other sources of funding are obtained for specific projects. Variety Lists for vining peas and green beans are produced annually.

Other crops
PGRO conducts trials and research in many crop areas more recently in Poppy, Navy beans, Quinoa, Millet, Carrots, Parsnips, Onions and other vegetable species for yield or demonstration trials.

Aside from Levy funded research PGRO is well equipped to take on private contract field and laboratory research and evaluations. (see Contract Services).

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