Pea Moth

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A spray date can be obtained from PGRO based on a computer prediction, 3 - 4 days after reaching a threshold in traps.

A threshold in traps was reported on 24th May 2017 in Essex. Spray forecast will be updated 3-4 days after this date.

Traps should be placed in pea crops in mid-May and monitored three times each week. When 10 or more moths are caught in either trap on two consecutive occasions monitoring of temperature should commence to predict your spray date. Threshold dates may vary for different regions and it is important to monitor populations in your region to accurately predict spray date. Timing of sprays is related to egg development and this is affected by temperature. Control of the larvae must be carried out following egg-hatch and before they reach the pod, and the monitoring system will accurately predict this.
On the predicted spray date, crops which are at the first pod set stage or which
have flowered should be sprayed, but later crops should only be sprayed when
they reach first pod set. Crops with green pods are susceptible to damage. A
second application should be applied 10-14 days later.
    Spray Date For Regions
Threshold Date from your trap catches   East S. East S. West E. Midlands W. Midlands Wales North Borders
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